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A lot of people join online dating sites like and just wing it from there. But to get the best results using online dating sites, a more systematic approach is often the smarter way to go. Since I've used dating sites quite a few times with mixed results, I decided to share the approaches that have worked best for me.

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1) Do join a respected dating site.
Small or free dating sites can work, but your odds are better if you join a well-respected site such as The better sites cost money to join, but at the end of the day, the small price you pay is worth it.

2) Do read articles and books about online dating.
There is a lot of free information online about how to date online successfully. Advice can range from writing good profiles to how to pick the right photos. If you want to take things a step further, try purchasing some books about online dating for more in-depth advice.

3) Do use free trial offers.
There are quite a few dating sites you can join. Instead of selecting one randomly, a better idea is to use free trial offers so you can try out dating sites for free. For instance, you can use this free trial to use the site for 3 days.

4) Do spend time and effort.
Joining a good site and putting up a profile is just the beginning. You must then put in a good deal of effect communicating with others and browsing other profiles to find the right person for you. As with all things, time and effort are required for good results.

5) Do have realistic expectations.
It's best to think of online dating as just one of many ways to meet single people in your geographic area. Many people give up on online dating too quickly. If they don't get results in a month, they decide that online dating doesn't work and move on. A more realistic timeline is to give online dating at least 6 months before deciding whether or not it works for you.

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