Are E-cigarette Risks Overblown?

If you follow the news, you may have a negative view of e-cigarettes, because there is so much negative coverage about them. But what is the truth? Below, we will take a look at some of the common risks associated with E-cigarettes.

Bad chemicals
Whether it's diacetyl or acetyl, or some other chemicals, it is often mentioned in the news the e-cigs contain such harmful chemicals. This information alone is not very useful. The real question is, how much of this chemical does the e-cig contain, and is it really harmful at those levels.

If you research the matter closely, you'll find that even conservative studies show that while e-cigs contain some of the same toxic chemicals found in regular cigarettes, they contain ten to several hundred times less of any such substances. So while e-cigs do contain some bad chemicals, it's important to keep things in context. They are still far less harmful to your health than regular cigarettes.

Exploding batteries

The other topic that the news report all the time are exploding e-cig batteries. This can be sensational news, for sure, but there are millions of people who use e-cigarettes every day, just in the United States. And only a handful of explosions happen every year, so the real risk to you is rather small.

More important, these e-cig explosions typically only occur when people tinker around with batteries, or use complex batteries called mods and misuse them. If you take some time to understand electricity and exercise caution, such incidents should not occur. Better yet, you can just buy batteries that don't allow you to change voltage or wattage. Such batteries have built-in safety mechanisms and the likelihood of overheating or exploding is minimal.

e-cig batteries

Tips on Buying

Different e-cigs make sense for different people. I like to buy my e-cigs online since I can get better deals that way. For beginners, I recommend a company called White Cloud Ecigs. Their e-cigs are very simple to use. The price is right too, if you use White Cloud Ecig coupon codes.

For slightly more advanced users, the EVOD is a great choice. There are many similar-sized batteries that you can consider as well. These batteries last a good amount of time, deliver good vapor, and are relatively cheap.

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